Four Crucial Mistakes Photographers Make To Get Unflattering Pictures

Photographers can make your event perfect or can ruin it completely by taking pictures. In today’s time when everyone has a smartphone of their own with an inbuilt camera that gives near to professional result, hiring a photographer will seem foolish. But people who want the best in life and are after only the best will know the value of a good photographer. Pictures taken professionally with professional camera and equipment have a great difference then pictures taken with smartphones by amateurs. The difference of the result lies in quality and images, one near perfect and one with unclear foggy results. Even after paying a hefty price to the photographer, sometimes, unfortunately, the images come out not so perfect and quite horrible, to say the least. Photographers that are new in the business with very few projects up their sleeves often make blunders and take pictures that are nowhere near perfect. To avoid this unfortunate accident, lots of precautionary measures can be taken, and just by tweaking pictures digitally and professionally the result can be altered to be somewhat presentable. 

 Four of the most crucial mistakes that photographers make that effects the quality of pictures are mentioned below. 

Over editing 

Even if the photographs are near perfect and the result is not so bad, some newbie photographers make the crucifying mistake of over editing the pictures digitally. They smooth out the wrinkles, they crop out the objects and over enhance the eyes and lips of the people being photographed. These things take out the human factor from the images and people are left with the results that look like real life CG effects. This one mistake can totally ruin a good picture. 


Everyone has some specific angles that are flattering to them and make them look more slim and beautiful. There is no denying that a good photographer knows how to play with angles and make every picture perfect. But some photographers make the mistake of capturing their clients from unflattering angles and ruin the picture for them. The best wedding photographers in Sydney should make sure and take out time to show their clients the raw shots they have taken and confirm that they have taken the bestangled picture. 

Candid shots 

Some photographers make the mistake of timing each and every picture and make them look so staged that once again human element is neglected and these pictures look like they are taken from mannequins or plastic. Every photographer should make a point of taking few candid shots of the event to make it look more realistic and less staged.  


Just a standard DSLR camera is not enough to be called a professional photographer. Some events and places require that the equipment used in taking pictures is up to the mark with a specific camera, camera lenses, shutter and flash lighting. Just by getting the equipment right a photographer can make the quality of pictures much better and far more professional than the standard DSLR camera result. wedding-photographs