How Does Solar Road Marker Work

The solar road marker is more commonly known as the solar road stud and it is the type of the traffic safety. These are the bright LED lights and are embedded on the road so that the drivers and the pedestrian could easily trace the road in the night when there is dark. Sometimes in the rainy days or the foggy days, it is difficult to look at the road and the driver may not get an idea of the lane and the roads turning and this is why these are installed. Go here for more information about bollards for sale.

Where are these installed?

These are usually embedded along with the road lines; these are called the solar road marker because at the day time these lights absorb the energy from the sun and then use this energy to glow in the night. Although since these are run over by hundreds of cars every day therefore, it is important that these are installed properly so that these could bear the pressure and for this these are usually put inside the ground and only 5mm out of the ground. 

What are the types of solar red markers?

These are divided into two major types and one is called the embedded solar red marker and the other is called the raised solar marker. The difference is not in the functionality but both of these work on the same principle and perform the same function but the only difference is of installation, the raised ones are usually installed on the lines which are at the edge of the road and the embedded ones are placed on middle of the road on the road lines. There are two working principles to produce the light in these solar led marker lights. There are capacitance and then there is battery. The lifespan of these two categories are different. The capacitance solar red marker has more durability and these last to almost 7 years but the battery ones have low durability and last only around 3 years. But due to this reason the cost of the capacitance solar red maker is greater. 

Pressure resistance is the key component:

No matter which kind of solar red marker from the above types is installed the important thing is that how much resistance does it offer against the pressure. This determines the actual quality of the solar red marker. It is difficult to manufacture such devices which work on electricity and has this much strong pressure resistance but for a solar red marker to stay intact on the road it must have a pressure resistance of around 10 tons.